Samsung Galaxy S9 Advert – Jet Lag

Samsung Galaxy S9 Commercial – The tech giant showcase their S9 smartphones dual aperture camera in this current TVC, a feature that is designed to adapt to different lighting conditions like the human eye.

This ‘Jet Lag’ advert shows a woman unable to sleep at night and instead taking the opportunity to go out and take photos of the cities nightlife, using her Samsung Galaxy S9 phones dual aperture camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 ‘Jet Lag’ Advert Song (Updated)

Although the video features the Hong Kong band YoungQueenz, the music playing in the TV advert wasn’t recorded by this group. The track was in fact created by different musicians, especially for the commercial.

UPDATE: According to the Samsung Schweiz YouTube channel, this is an original piece of music, specifically created for this video by the band HEALTH. They are a three-piece electronic-rock group from Los Angeles who consists of members Benjamin Jared Miller, Jake Duzsik and John Famiglietti. We are not currently aware of the song’s title or if it will be released for download as a full single. End of update.

This extended 90-second version of the ‘Samsung Galaxy S9: Jet Lag’ ad video was posted online on 13 June, 2018.

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