Samsung – ‘Epic’ Little Skater Girl

Here’s another addition to Samsung’s collection of YouTube and TV adverts for their Galaxy S9 smartphone. This latest video shows a modestly skilled skater girl wiping out over and over, while being filmed by her older sister. But thanks to the S9’s camera, she manages to make her little sis look epic in slow-motion.

The skateboarding-themed commercial finishes with the slogan ‘Make everyday epic with Super Slow-mo’.

Samsung Galaxy S9 TV Ad Music 2018
Song Title: Now You’re Mine.
Producers/Rappers: Gang Starr.
Download or stream from: iTunes, Apple Music,, or Amazon UK.

The song playing in this ad is called ‘Now You’re Mine’ and was recorded in 1994 by Brooklyn hip hop duo Gang Starr, who consisted of MC Guru and producer DJ Premier.

Now You’re Mine featured on the artists fourth album ‘Hard to Earn’ and opens with the lyrics “Yo Duke, you’re dead wrong. You’ll never have the skills like mine. I write the ill type rhymes, now I’m reaching my prime. 360 dunk in your face. You can’t compete, you’re just a basket case”.

The above 30-second ‘Galaxy S9: Shred’ video was uploaded to the official Samsung US YouTube channel on 24 April, 2018.

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