Samsung Galaxy S20 Advert – Get Ready – Music by DJ Shadow

Samsung’s newest TV advert for their Galaxy S20 series of smartphones uses a pool party scene to demonstrate their 8K Video Snap, Bright Night, 100X Space Zoom, and 108MP High Resolution features, along with their 5G capabilities.

The commercial shows a young woman taking a photo on her Samsung S20 then, thanks to the amazingly high resolution, zooming in to different sections of the picture in impressive detail, noticing things she may have otherwise missed using less advanced phone cameras.

Song Title: Rocket Fuel.
Artists: DJ Shadow feat. De La Soul.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This latest 2020 advert for the Samsung Galaxy S20 uses a song that’s titled ‘Rocket Fuel’ and was recorded by the Californian DJ and music producer Joshua Davis, who’s better known as DJ Shadow.

The track also features the US hip-hop group De La Soul and was released for download last summer.

6 March 2020

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