Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – ‘The Power’ Do Bigger Things

Samsung Commercial Song 2017 – Music and group details to the latest ‘Do Bigger Things’ TV advert for the companies Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

Song Title: The Power.

Singer/Band: Sweet Spirit.

Available To Download Through: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Samsung’s newest ‘Do Bigger Things’ TV ad for their recently released Galaxy Note8 mobile tells us that “The phone that defined big, just got bigger. It does viewing bigger. It captures bigger. It even does the little things bigger. You can think small or you can do things bigger.”

Featuring the lyrics “I got the answer here inside of myself. I got the power here inside of myself. I got the power here inside of myself. Come feel the power.”, the song playing in this Samsung commercial is understandably titled ‘The Power’.

This track is performed by the American band Sweet Spirit, with female singer Sabrina Ellis on lead vocals and was released for download in February, 2017.

The above video was posted to the Samsung Mobile UK YouTube page on the 19th of September, 2017 and is now airing on commercial television.

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