Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Dancers Advert Music – Soy Yo

Samsung invites viewers to change the way we experience sound in this new TV commercial for their Galaxy Buds+, which are claimed to provide big, full bass and crisp, clear highs, together with 2-way speaker.

The advert shows a man and woman dancing on what looks like a giant pair of Buds + covered with fluid that moves with the beat of the music.

Song Name: Soy Yo.
Band: Bomba Estéreo.
Download From: Amazon UK or iTunes.

This current Samsung Galaxy Buds+ advert song is titled ‘Soy Yo’ and was recorded by the Colombian band Bomba Estéreo. The track was released for download in 2015.

This piece of music has previously been featured in TV and YouTube ads for a number of different brands and products, including Samsung’s S8 phone with Bixby virtual assistant.

14 April 2020

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