Samsung Galaxy Advert – Onions, Inspired by a True Photo – Music by Karen Dalton

Here we have the extended 90-second version of Samsung Galaxy’s new love story TV advert that’s titled ‘Onions’ and was inspired by a true photo by Instagram user @scottanders44.

The photo of sacks of onions stacked up, along with Scott’s comment “bags of tears for sale #itsoniontimebaby #withGalaxy” was all the inspiration Samsung needed to create the above ad.

The video shows a young man and woman looking longingly at each other from the two onion-themed cafes in which they work, before finally meeting close-up while buying more supplies.

Song Title: Something On Your Mind.
Singer: Karen Dalton.
Album: In My Own Time.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

This ‘Inspired by a True Photo – Onions’ Samsung Galaxy advert music is a song called ‘Something On Your Mind’ that’s performed by the American folk singer and musician Karen Dalton.

Opening with the lyrics “Yesterday, any way you made it was just fine”, Something On Your Mind features on the artist’s 1971 album ‘In My Own Time’.

4 October 2020

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