Samsung – New Normal ‘Across The Universe’

Full video, plus soundtrack and singer details to the tech brands ‘One generation’s impossible is the next one’s normal’ YouTube and TV advert.

Song Title: Across The Universe (Beatles cover).
Artist/Singer: Rufus Wainwright.
Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

This latest Samsung advert to air on UK television continues the companies ‘Do What You Can’t’ campaign, this time focusing on how the younger generation will grow up having never known that certain barriers ever existed. The commercial begins with a father using his Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone to take a photo of his newborn baby, then showcases some of the devices advanced features like its iris scanner security, contactless payment, as well as peripheral devices like the 360 camera and Gear VR virtual reality headset, used here to watch some up-close dinosaurs.

Providing the music to this ad is the American-Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright, with his cover of the Beatles 1969 song ‘Across The Universe’. Wainwright first recorded his version of Across The Universe in 2002 as part of the soundtrack to the Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer film I Am Sam.

The above extended version of this ‘New Normal’ advert was posted to the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel back in April, 2017, although it has only recently begun airing on British TV.

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