Samsonite Luggage Advert – ‘The Serious Traveller’ Commercial

Samsonite TV Ad 2017 – Full video and lyrics details for the luggage brands new ‘For The Serious Traveller’ internet and TV advert.

This new TV commercial for luggage brand Samsonite shows a variety of people dancing and generally playing around with the companies Cosmolite range of suitcases.

The advert demonstrates the light, yet tough and durable nature of the luggage, with the ads cast throwing, riding, and even playing the cases like a guitar.

Given the apparent ease at which they’re being tossed around, I think it’s safe to say these suitcases were empty during the filming of this advert. Either that or these guys travel seriously light.

The song playing during this 60-second video appears to be a new piece of music, possibly recorded especially for the Samsonite campaign.

Some of the lyrics we hear sung in the lead vocals of this track are:

Yeah baby.
There ain’t nobody like us. One of a kind.
We do whatever we wanna do, ’cause it’s our time.
Won’t you be my number one forever?
Everybody knows, we’re just getting started.
Oh, we go anywhere we want.
Oh, you can say what you want.
Oh, we’re the highlight of the show.
And you can do it, just like this.
Just living life. . . So alive.

Released in time for the upcoming holiday season, this ‘The Serious Traveller’ advert for Samsonite luggage was posted to The Full Service creative agencies YouTube channel on the 22nd of March, 2017.

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