Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert – Nicholas the Sweep

We may know him as Father Christmas, but according to this new advert from Sainsbury’s, he started out life as Nicholas the Sweep.

The supermarket’s festive video is set during Christmas Eve, 1969 in very Dickensian streets. There we watch a young chimney sweep boy become wrongly accused of stealing an orange and being banished away from the city and out into the wilderness.

Then while alone in a freezing, snow-covered mountainous landscape, Mary Ann Sainsbury comes to collect Nicholas in her ‘Zero Emissions’ horse and carriage. The lady then presents the lad with a whole bag of oranges that he then gives out to his fellow children for Christmas.

The way this 2019 Sainsbury’s Christmas advert finishes suggests this young boy then grew up to be Santa. And now you know the rest of the story.

12 November 2019

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