Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2015 – Full Length Video Starring Mog The Cat

A look at the full length version of the new 2015 Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert, starring Mog The Cat. Could it be this years best festive TV ad?

It comes to something when a retailer releasing their Christmas commercial in mid-November makes them a little late on the scene. Personally I think this was a great move. Just when everyone’s already getting bored with all the other offerings, Sainsbury’s gets the spotlight all to themselves. So have they saved the best for last?

Video: Mog’s Christmas Calamity by Judith Kerr

To simply call this an advert doesn’t really do it justice. The combination of high production values, great narration, 3 minute 20 seconds running time and enjoyable plot, makes this more like a mini movie.

The star of the film is Mog – a rather calamity-prone cat. After accidentally turning the cooker on during the night, the nervous feline’s clumsiness becomes a blessing as she inadvertently calls the fire service.

But that’s not where the story ends. In her attempts to escape the impending kitchen-based doom, Mog manages to cause further damage to the home. Fortunately though, our four-legged friend successfully exits through the catflap, just as the fire brigade arrive.

As we see the Thomas family safe outside, we realise Mog has saved the day. But with the inside of their home covered in soot and the turkey burnt to a crisp, it looked like Christmas would be cancelled for this year. And that’s where the heart-warming part of the ad begins.

The Thomas’ neighbours and friends pitch in to help fix the house and stock up for one big Christmas dinner. Mog’s reward for her part in all this? A boiled egg, which she apparently likes.

This excellent Sainsbury’s advert was made in partnership with HarperCollins Children’s Books and author/illustrator Judith Kerr.

An illustrated book has also gone on sale to accompany the film, with all profits going to the charity Save the Children.

Now that’s what I call a Christmas advert, even though it didn’t feature any distinctive song or singer, I thought it was still well worth sharing. The full length version of the ad was uploaded to Sainsbury’s official YouTube channel on the 12th of September, 2015.

Unless there’re any other brands or retailers still planning a big festive ad campaign, I think this one gets my vote as the best Christmas advert of 2015. Well done Sainsbury’s.

Behind The Scenes: Watch the making of Mog’s Christmas Calamity

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