Sainsbury’s – Tetris ‘Table Squish’

Sainsbury’s Advert – Video and soundtrack details for the supermarkets new ‘Summer Recipes – Table Squish’ YouTube and TV ad.

The latest Sainsbury’s advert shows a group of family or friends enjoying a big meal in the back garden, but struggling to find enough space on the table for all the food.

Song Title: Tetris Type A Theme (Korobeiniki).
Find various versions of the Tetris theme music on: iTunes and Amazon.

This need to move and rotate all the dishes around is then compared to the classic Nintendo Gameboy game Tetris.

Naturally then, the music chosen for this advert is the Tetris Type A theme, of which there have now been a huge amount of covers and remixes.

The Tetris tune is actually based on the nineteenth-century Russian folk song ‘Korobeiniki’.

The above 30-second ‘Living Well, Live Well For Less/Summer Recipes – Table Squish’ video was added to the Sainsbury’s YouTube page on the 29th of June, 2017.

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