Sainsbury’s – Easter, Never Growing Up

Sainsbury’s Advert – Guitar music and band details to Sainsbury’s new ‘Never Growing Up Is Living Well’ Easter YouTube and TV ad.

Continuing in a similar style to their ‘Food Dancing‘ campaign, this latest Sainsbury’s TV advert gets viewers, and kids in particular, in the mood for Easter.

Song Title: Hey Joey.
Artists/Band: Los Straitjackets.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The ad shows fast-paced black and white footage of children and adults enjoying an Easter egg hunt, mixed in with some colourful food-based graphics and slogans.

Well done if you somehow recognised the rock soundtrack to this commercial, as it’s one few are likely to have heard of.

The song playing in the advert is called ‘Hey Joey’ and is performed by an American instrumental band by the name of Los Straitjackets.

The Nashville-based group, who are known for wearing Mexican style wrestling masks on stage, released Hey Joey as part of their 2005 album ‘Encyclopedia Of Sound Volume 2’.

Sainsbury’s 30-second Easter TV advert was posted to their YouTube channel on the 24th of March, 2017, along with the hashtag #NeverGrowingUp.

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