Sainsbury’s Tu Advert – Dog Christmas Jumpers

Sainsbury’s Dogs Advert – Check out the supermarkets latest festive TV ad, this time promoting their range of Tu doggy Christmas jumpers with canine band Wagging Larry and The Bone Chasers.

Sainsbury’s advert for their new line of doggy and human Christmas jumpers features an instrumental cover of Jingle Bells, performed here by up-and-coming band Wagging Larry and The Bone Chasers.

Making up this four-piece line-up are Wagging Larry himself on drums, Fetch M’Keys playing the organ, ‘lead’ guitarist Howling Hindleg and bassist T-Bone.

Although I’m not 100% convinced this is a genuinely live set, or that the dogs are really playing those instruments, in the spirit of Christmas and canine comradery, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, Larry and co’s performance still looks more authentic to me than most X Factor backing ‘musicians’ I’ve seen recently.

Not apparent from the start of the video, this commercial promotes Sainsbury’s clothing brand Tu, and more specifically, their range of festive jumpers. Despite focusing mainly on those designed to fit your four-legged friends, the ad does point out at the end that these winter warmers are ‘also available for humans’.

The above video was added to Sainsbury’s YouTube channel on the 14th of December, 2015 and goes into direct competition with the ASDA ‘Power of Love’ advert.

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