Robinsons Fruit Shoot – Give Me All Of It

What’s the music playing in the new 2018 ‘It’s My Thing’ advert for Robinsons Fruit Shoot kids drinks?

Song Title: Want It All.
Artist: Layup.
Download or stream via: Amazon, iTunes & Apple Music.

Robinsons return with a new TV commercial in the ‘It’s My Thing’ campaign for their Fruit Shoot drinks, showing kids enjoying various hobbies and a collection of stick-on moustaches, as you do.

Featuring the lyrics “Give me all of it. Don’t stop, don’t quit”, the song used in this advert is called Want It All: a track by Layup that was released for download in March last year.

Fancy listening to the full length track before deciding whether or not to download it? Then simply check out the complete official audio YouTube video below. Warning, this song can become very catchy. . . in a good way:

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