Roberts Bakery Advert – This is Love – Music by Taki Waki

Here’s a brand-new advert for Roberts Bakery that’s recently begun airing on TV, features a catchy soundtrack, and encourages viewers to “Share Your Bakes”.

The 30-second ad shows video clips of families baking at home and offers us the chance to appear in their next advert by using the hashtag #ShareYourBakes. The ad finishes with the companies slogan ‘No Yeast? No Flour? No  Problem!’.

Song Title: More, More, More.
Singer: Taki Waki.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This 2020 Roberts Bakery advert song is titled ‘More, More, More’ and is performed by the female singer Taki Waki.

This piece of music was released for download in 2019 from the album ‘This Is Magic’ and features the lyrics “This is love. . . I want more. . . Give me more”.


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