River Island – Find Yourself At River Island

River Island Advert Song – Music, rapper and model details for the fashion retailers new ‘Find Yourself’ Spring & Summer 2017 TV ad.

Song Title: Only 1 U.

Artist/Rapper: M.I.A.

Available To Download Through: Amazon and iTunes.

It may only be mid-February, but that hasn’t stopped River Island from today releasing their official Spring & Summer TV advert for 2017, this time using the slogan ‘Find Yourself’.

Giving us British viewers a reminder of what the sun and clear blue skies look like, the video sees a group of female and male models showcasing the high street fashion brands latest collection, including everything from dresses, jeans, hats and handbags, to shorts, swimsuits and bikinis.

The girl we see starring in this advert is the American fashion model Lindsey Wixson.

The soundtrack to this commercial is provided by the English female rapper M.I.A., with her single ‘Only 1 U’.

Taken from the artists fourth studio album ‘Matangi’, Only 1 U was first released for download back in 2013.

The above ‘Find Yourself At River Island’ SS17 video was added to the retailers official YouTube page on the 15th of February, 2017, although we’re not currently sure when it will being airing on TV. #FindYourself #ImWearingRI

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