Rightmove – Hold On, I’m Comin’

What’s the song playing in the new Rightmove advert? – Watch the property websites 2018 ‘Life’s Steps – Find Your Happy’ TV ad, plus get all the music and singers details.

Song Title: Hold on, I’m Comin’.

Musicians/Singers: Sam & Dave.

Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

Real estate portal website Rightmove have just brought out this new ‘Life’s Steps’ TV advert, which for its soundtrack features the song Hold on, I’m Comin’.

Released as a single in 1966, Hold on, I’m Comin’ is sung by the American R&B and soul duo Sam & Dave, and was the title track of the groups debut album.

This Rightmove ad shows an elderly man slowly walking up the stairs, before we fast forward in time to see a new family moving in to the same house, where a young child takes over the challenge.

Although it initially appears that the elderly couple no longer live in the house due to more unfortunate circumstances, the video happily finishes with the man being called upon in their own new home.

When life moves, make your rightmove.

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