Rightmove – ‘Bachelors’ I Wanna Stay With You

Rightmove Advert Song, Spring 2018 – Video, music and singers details to the new ‘Bachelors – When life moves, make your rightmove’ YouTube and TV ad.

Song Title: I Wanna Stay With You.
Group/Singers: Gallagher and Lyle.
Download or stream viaAmazon, iTunes & Apple Music.

Following Rightmove’s ‘Life’s Steps’ commercial from earlier this year, the property website return to our screens this Spring with this brand new ‘Bachelors’ advert.

The video shows a guy intent on spending as much time as possible with his best mate, despite the fact his girlfriend has now moved in. The solution? Move house to the place next door.

Providing the soundtrack to this ad are Scottish soft rock duo, Gallagher and Lyle, with their 1976 single ‘I Wanna Stay With You’, which peaked at number 6 on the UK charts.

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