Ribena Advert Song – ‘Zooby Doo’

Ribena Advert Song – Music details for the ‘Zooby Doo/Ribena Minis’ You Can’t Get Any More Ribenary TV adverts.

What’s the name of the song used on the Summer 2015 Ribena advert and who sings it?

The track featured on the latest Ribena ad is called ‘Zooby Doo’ and it’s performed by Tigermonkey. Only just released, the full length single can now be downloaded directly from iTunes and Amazon.

According to their official Twitter page, Tigermonkey describe themselves as a ‘Fearless high octane hiphop indie duo’. The London based musicians describe their genre as Trap Gangsta-Nerd Moombahton. At the time of writing this, the pairs Facebook page states they are not currently signed to a record label. Perhaps the extra exposure from this Ribena ad will help to change that.

More of Tigermonkey’s music can be downloaded via iTunes and Amazon. Other songs from the duo include ‘Smelly Boys’, ‘Break The Biscuit’, ‘Wimbledon Wiggle’ and ‘OCD ADD’.

Set in Ribenadom, the TV commercial (which you can watch above) shows various woodland animals such as hedgehogs, rabbits, owls and robins exhibiting somewhat unnatural behaviour. Now I’m no twitcher, but I’m pretty sure owls don’t normally float around the sky shooting lasers from their eyes.

Lasting 30 seconds, the video was uploaded to Ribena UK’s official YouTube channel on Friday the 7th of August, 2015, while the new Ribena Minis ad below was released on the 24th of January, 2017.

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