Renault Twingo GT – ‘Go Play’ Playful Chassis

Soundtrack and singer details for the new Renault Twingo GT ‘Go Play’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Renault’s new TV advert for their Twingo GT shows a woman having fun driving the nimble hot hatch, while her child enjoys doing the same in a miniature version of the car, all as a camera drone captures the action.

Music Production Company: Apollo Studios.
Producer/Singer: Mathieu Lafontaine & Ariane-Zita P. Castonguay.

According to their Facebook page, the face-paced French punk rock soundtrack you hear playing in this ad was produced by the Montreal-based company Apollo Studios.

More specifically the track was created by Mathieu Lafontaine and Ariane-Zita P. Castonguay.

Unfortunately, as this song was recorded especially for Renault’s ad campaign, it so far appears that there will be no full length version released for download. This is a shame as I actually find the tune rather catchy and think it could do well in the charts.

Promoting the Twingo GT mini hot hatch, the above ‘Go Play – Playful Chassis – Passion For Life’ video was added to the Renault UK YouTube channel on the 6th of January, 2017.

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