Renault Kadjar – Beach House

Renault KADJAR – Video, soundtrack and singer details to the new ‘Beach House’ Crossover by Renault TV commercial.

Song Title: Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing.

Musician/Singer: Chris Isaak.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

This latest Renault TV advert for their Kadjar crossover shows a couple getting divorced and deciding who gets what.

While out driving, the subject comes up of who’ll end up owning the beach house, which then leads to an off-road excursion and a passionate encounter. When later asked about the beach house by a lawyer, the guy replies “We’ll think about it”.

The song featured in this 30-second commercial is titled ‘Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing’ and is performed by the American rock and roll singer Chris Isaak.

Taken from the artists fifth album ‘Forever Blue’, this track was released as a single back in 1996.

This ‘Crossover by Renault’ KADJAR video was posted to the French car manufacturers UK YouTube channel on the 12th of June, 2017 and is already airing during TV ad breaks.

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