Renault CAPTUR Advert Music – ‘Love Somebody’ Cover

If you don’t know what it’s like to love driving the all-new 2020 to 2021 Renault CAPTUR, which now also comes available as a plug-in hybrid, this advert gives you a taste of what the SUV offers.

The Renault commercial features the tagline ‘Your choice, Your CAPTUR’ and promotes the vehicle as a “Compact SUV for every adventure”.

The video shows lots of aspirational footage of a man and woman living an active and adventurous lifestyle, with their CAPTUR right at the centre of things.

Song Title: To Love Somebody (cover).
Original Singers: Bee Gees.
Download The Original From: Amazon UK.

This Renault CAPTUR advert song is titled ‘To Love Somebody’ but it’s not the original version that was released by the Bee Gees back in 1967. Instead, this version appears to have been recently recorded by a currently unnamed singer specifically to be played in this ad for the French SUV.

Featuring the lyrics “There’s a light. A certain kind of light. That never shone on me” and “You don’t know what it’s like. . . To love somebody, the way I love you”, this piece of music amazingly just missed out on giving the Gibb brothers a top 40 hit on the UK singles chart but has since become one of the group’s most popular tunes.

2 March 2020

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