Renault – As Unexpected As Life ‘Like Glitter & Gold’

Renault TV Ad – Soundtrack and singer info for the latest ‘As Unexpected As Life’ Renault Range YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Glitter & Gold.

Musician/Singer: Barns Courtney.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Renault’s new TV ad showcases pretty much the French car manufacturers entire range, as a man takes a rather unique journey through an eventful life.

Driving along a desert road, the man starts off alone, behind the wheel of a sporty little Clio. But as he drives through a billboard of a woman’s face, she then joins him in the passenger seat, this time in the slightly bigger Megane.

Then as the pair drive through a bed billboard, the couple are joined in the backseat of their Scenic by a young child. So far so good, but then comes the twist.

As the family burst though a billboard of a blonde woman, the family’s split in two, with the guy driving off in a Twingo, while his partner takes a change of path in a Koleos with her new female lover.

You may recognise the brunette actress from the recent EasyJet advert. Her name is Chloe Hirschman.

The video ends with the slogan ‘As Unexpected As Life – New Renault Range’ and was posted to the Renault YouTube channel on the 13th of February, 2017.

The song playing in this advert is called ‘Glitter & Gold’ and is performed by the British singer-songwriter Barns Courtney. Glitter & Gold was released for download in November, 2015.

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