Redrow Homes Advert – A Better Way To Live

Redrow Homes Advert – Video and lyrics info for the house builders latest ‘Make Better Memories’ advertising campaign.

Redrow’s new internet and TV ad features what appears to be an original piece of music, created especially for the advert.

The songs lyrics that we hear sung in the above 30-second video are:

We have grown into something beautiful.
I’m so glad that I’m with you.
We have found a better way to live.
We have found a better way to live.
You are all I need, in this world.
We have found a better way to live.

Given that this song was likely recorded just for Redrow’s ‘Make Better Memories’ commercial, we don’t currently expect a full length version to be released for download.

Showing a variety of families and individuals enjoying their stylish new properties, the above video was uploaded to the official Redrow Homes YouTube channel on the 14th of November, 2016.

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