RBS – ‘Royal Bank for Scotland’ Notes

Music and singer details for RBS’ new ‘Royal Bank for Scotland – Notes’ TV ad.

Song Title: Out of the Blue (Piano Version).
Singer/Band: Prides.
Now Available To Download From: iTunes.

Focusing mainly on Scottish viewers, this latest RBS TV ad proclaims they’re not just the Royal Bank of Scotland, but the ‘Royal Bank for Scotland’. Their new advert follows the journey of a Scottish £10 note as it gradually makes a journey from its homeland, all the way down to London.

The note first gets paid to a fisherman for his hard work, then to his daughter who uses it to pay for a taxi after a night out. The taxi driver then generously throws the tenner in the air at a party, where it’s collected by a young girl. She then spends the cash down her local sweet shop, before the shop owner electronically sends the money to her son.

Although he then draws the funds from a cash machine, for the purpose of the story I’ll assume it’s still the same note. The guy then uses the money to pay for a snack, with the same note then being given to a lady as part of her change. She then finally uses the Scottish tenner to pay for a London cab, much to the disapproval of the driver.

Even though this is a fictional story, when you think about it, millions of notes and coins are taking ongoing real life journeys like this all the time.

This 60-second video was posted to the official Royal Bank of Scotland YouTube channel on the 24th of September, 2016.

Providing this TV ads music are the appropriately Scottish indie pop-rock band Prides, with a just-released piano version of their 2014 single ‘Out of the Blue’. Singing the song is Prides frontman Stewart Brock.

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