Range Rover Evoque Advert Song – Dog’s Dream – I Found A Place In My Heart

Range Rover brings us one of the best new advert songs of the year in this ‘Found My Heaven – A Dog’s Dream’ TV commercial for the Evoque compact SUV. The video begins with a dog gazing through the window of a city apartment where, after seeing an Evoque drive past, they begin dreaming about being driven out to the country for some fresh air and exercise.

The conclusion is rather sad though when we return to the apartment to see it was all just a dream and the dog remains shut indoors on a beautiful sunny day. Let’s hope the owner of this cute canine makes their dream come true.

Song Title: I Found A Place In My Heart.
Composer/Singer: Dom James ft Emma Smith.
Download From: TBA.

Despite sounding like a vintage tune, this excellent Range Rover Evoque advert song was actually recorded especially for the commercial by London-based composer Dom James and features vocals by singer Emma Smith.

The song includes the lyrics “I found a place in my heart. I found a light in the dark. I found my heaven” and, despite having originally been composed for this Range Rover ad, should be released as a full-length version in the near future. We’ll update this page with any further news or official download links when they become available.

11 April 2019

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