Purplebricks Advert Music 2019 – Don’t, Just Don’t

This ‘Faces of Commisery’ Purplebricks TV ad features slow motion film footage of peoples expressions when they realise all the commission they could have avoided paying, if they’d used this online estate agent when selling their property.

The video finishes with a couple reading a Purplebricks billboard advertisement when, just as the guy is about to comment, the woman says “Don’t. Just Don’t”. We then see the tagline ‘Save Yourself From Commisery’.

This 2019 Purplebricks advert music is taken from the ‘King Arthur’ opera and is titled Cold Genius Aria ‘What power art thou’. We’re not certain which version is being used in this ad or who the singer is, but you can watch a live performance of the piece here:

25 February 2019

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