PrettyLittleThing – Bad Gals & Glitter

Song info for the ‘Bad Gals & Glitter’ Madonna Inn ad.’s latest commercial features a new reworked cover of the song ‘Warning’.

Earlier versions of the track have been recorded by DJ Hotday featuring Persia, which you can download from iTunes and Amazon, and also by Uncle Murda, who’s official music video you can watch below.

The version played in PLT’s advert includes new female vocals and lyrics, and currently hasn’t been released as a full length single.

As you can see near the end of the video, this new advert for PrettyLittleThing was filmed at the Madonna Inn, which is located in San Luis Obispo, California.

As the ads title ‘Bad Gals & Glitter’ includes to, the online clothing retailer encourages women to break the ‘rules’ this Christmas party season. It’s apparently all about ‘making an entrance and leaving a lasting impression’.

Uploaded to’s YouTube channel on the 10th of November, 2015, this commercial follows on quickly from last months ‘Night on Disco Mountain’ ad, starring Lucy Mecklenburgh.

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