P&O Ferries – Mess Around #WhatNext

Who sings the song playing in the new #WhatNext 2018 P&O Ferries TV advert?

P&O’s latest TV ad campaign shows a couple having fun during their ferry journey, drawing straws, then flipping a coin to decide whether to enjoy a refreshing beverage or head out on deck to enjoy the view.

Song Title: Mess Around
Singer: Ray Charles.
Download or stream from: Amazon or iTunes.

The music featured in this commercial is titled, as the lyrics suggest, ‘Mess Around’ and is performed by Ray Charles. The legendary American singer-songwriter and musician recorded the single in 1953.

We certainly recognise the actress starring in this P&O Ferries ad, but frustratingly we can’t currently think where from, in order to give you her name.

Presumably we’ve seen this brunette lady appearing on another advert, or maybe even in a TV series.

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