Pinterest UK – Hair Ideas

Pinterest Advert Song – Video, music and artists info to Pinterest UK’s ‘Hair Ideas’, ‘Dog DIY Ideas’ and ‘Storage Ideas’ 2018 TV ad lineup.

The website and mobile app company have brought out three new adverts to demonstrate some of the ways their image-based service can provide users with new ideas, be they storage solutions, new haircut inspiration or even design tips for building a new dog bed.

Advert Music
Song Title: 24 Hours.
Artist: Knox Fortune.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

Although we’re just showing you one of the three commercials here, each ad features the same song, which is the 2017 track ’24 Hours’ by Chicago-based singer and producer Knox Fortune.

The 30-second ‘Hair Ideas’ video was posted to Pinterest UK’s YouTube channel on 4 May, 2018.

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