PG Tips TV Advert Music 2020 – Together Forever

Tea brand PG Tips tell us how “Cuppas taste better together” in this new #CuppasTogether 2020 advert, which features a slowed-down piano-based cover of an 80’s pop song.

The 30-second ad informs us that “9 million of us feel lonely”, showing close-ups of women and men appearing to drink tea on their own. Then as the picture zooms out, it’s revealed that they’re in fact all enjoying a cuppa together in the same room.

So basically the message of this ad appears to be to get talking and making the most of those around you, much like ITV’s Get Britain Talking campaign, only PG would, of course, prefer you do it over a nice cuppa.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, meeting up with friends and family for a cup of tea and a chat may not be possible right now. But to stay in touch and help each other through this challenging time, maybe we should have a cuppa while talking regularly on the phone or via video chat instead.

Song Title: Together Forever.
Artist: Nina Nesbitt.
Download At: Amazon UK.

The PG Tips advert song playing in this campaign is a cover of the tune ‘Together Forever’ that’s performed here by the Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. The more upbeat original version of Together Forever was released back in 1988 by English pop music artist Rick Astley.

Rick’s single peaked at number 2 on the official UK chart, being kept off the top position by Kylie Minogue’s debut release ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. Amazingly both songs were written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman.

The lyrics from this piece of music being sung in the PG Tips advert are “Together forever and never to part. Together forever we two. And don’t you know I would move heaven and earth. To be together forever with you”.

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