Peugeot SUV Range

Video and music details to the latest TV commercial for the Peugeot SUV Range.

The French car company showcase their selection of sport-utility vehicles in this new TV ad, which encourages viewers to “See the horizon as a starting point”, “Use each obstacle to gain momentum” and “Continue where all others stop”.

Peugeot SUV Advert Music 2018
Song Title: No Salvation.
Artists: Daryl Griffith & Stuart Roslyn.

The dramatic orchestral theme music to this ad is titled ‘No Salvation’ and was recorded by Stuart Roslyn and Daryl Griffith. The song hasn’t been released for download, but is available to stream at Soundcloud.

This ‘SUV Range’ video was posted to the PEUGEOT UK YouTube channel on 18 June, 2018.

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