2020 Peugeot Advert Music – Only Love Can Set You Free

Peugeot takes viewers back to the ’90s with an ‘Only Love Can Set You Free’ soundtrack in their latest 2020 TV advert.

The 30-second ad says “Let’s Reconnect” and encourages us to “Discover. Choose. Buy Online” as they showcase the All-New e-208, New 3008 SUV Hybrid, and All-New e-2008 SUV models.

Song Title: Set You Free.
Preview or Download at: Amazon UK.

This 2020 Peugeot advert music appears to be a new cover version or remix of the song ‘Set You Free’ that was originally recorded by British electronic dance music group N-Trance.

Featuring vocals from Lancashire singer Kelly Llorenna, the original single was released in 1995 and reached number 2 on the UK charts.

We so far haven’t been able to identify for certain who’s singing the version playing in this Peugeot commercial, assuming it’s not just a remix of the original, but if we manage to find out their name we’ll add the details to this page.


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