Peugeot 108 – ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Today’ with MIKA

Peugeot have just released this new TV advert for their 108 Collection, starring singer Mika. Watch the video here and get the full Peugeot 108 advert song details for 2018.

As you’d expect from this ad starring the Lebanese-born, British pop star, the song playing in the commercial is one of Mika’s own. The track is called ‘Love Today’ and was a Grammy-nominated single released for download in 2007, and features on the singer-songwriters hit debut album ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’.

Peugeot 108 Advert Music
Song Title: Love Today.
Singer: Mika.
Available To Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

Featuring the lyrics “Everybody’s gonna love today, love today, love today. Everybody’s gonna love today. Anyway you want to, anyway you’ve got to. Love, love me. Love, love me, love, love”, Love Today was nominated for the Grammy for Best Dance Recording, but eventually missed out to Justin Timberlake’s ‘LoveStoned’.

MIKA – Love Today – Official Music Video

Life In Cartoon Motion was also the source of a number of other big singles for Mika, with the album also including his debut hit ‘Grace Kelly’, along with ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’, ‘Relax, Take It Easy’, ‘Lollipop’ and the slower tempo, emotional ‘Happy Ending’. We would not be at all surprised to see the release of this latest Peugeot advert sparking a renewed interest in Mika’s musical work, both by those who were already fans and by younger viewers, who’re being introduced to the colourfully creative singer for the first time.

This 20-second ‘108 Collection’ advert video, which was posted to the official PEUGEOT UK YouTube channel on 15 July, 2018, shows both the small hatchback and Mika himself being presented in a range of different colours, with the singer dancing, driving and demonstrating some of the cars handy new features. These include the optional large electric fabric sunroof, plus a reversing camera to help safety check your surroundings.

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