Persil Advert Music – Running Free

This new ‘Home is Good’ TV advert for Persil features a song that assures viewers “Soon you will be running free” once this current coronavirus lockdown situation is over.

The short ad shows how quiet things may be outside right now, with children not able to play with their friends, but reminds us that these exceptional circumstances won’t last forever. So while the playgrounds remain empty, we see kids busy at home painting rainbows instead.

Song Title: Running Free.
Singer: Tasha Robertson.
Download Tasha Robertson’s Music From: Amazon UK.

The song playing in this Persil advert features the lyrics “Soon you will be running, running free” that we hear performed by a female singer.

At the time of writing this, we’re still trying to find out the vocalist’s name and whether or not there’s a full-length version of this Persil advert song available. The track may have been recorded specifically for the ad campaign and not for download, but we’ll add more details to this page as we get them.

UPDATE: According to her Facebook page, the track was written by Tasha Robertson, a singer-songwriter and musician from Essex. We’re waiting to see if it will be released as a single.

Updated: 23 April, 2020

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