Peacocks Advert Song – Lingerie ‘Legs’ Video

Peacocks Advert Music 2015 – Band and song information for the clothing stores 20% Off Everything lingerie commercial.

Song Title: Legs.

Singer/Band: Houdini Dax.

Available To Download From: iTunes.

Peacocks eye-catching new ad for their range of glamorous lingerie features a track called ‘Legs’. The song is performed by the Welsh three-piece indie rock band Houdini Dax, who consist of members Jack Butler, Owen Richards and David Newington.

Legs is taken from the Cardiff-based groups latest album ‘Naughty Nation’, which you can also download via iTunes.

The lyrics from Legs used in the advert go something like this: ‘She makes me feel like a young lad should, she makes a scene in my neighbourhood. I love your legs and everything they stand for. I love your legs and everything they stand for.’

This campaign, which was added to Peacocks Online’s YouTube channel on the 27th of November, 2015, shows some not unattractive female models showcasing a selection of the retailers glamorous lingerie collection. Whether it be through the soundtrack or visuals, one way or another this commercial should grab viewers attention.

At the time the video was posted on the internet (Black Friday, 2015) and began airing on British TV channels, Peacocks were offering 20% off everything both in store and online.

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