PayPal Advert – Let’s Make It Better – Music by The Heavy

PayPal UK has just released this new YouTube advert titled ‘We’re Here For You’ that tells us “When the world was forced to stay apart, we came together. Those little things made the difference. Let’s make it better”.

Like many TV commercials we’ve seen recently, this ad shows people making the best of a bad situation during the coronavirus lockdown, as thoughts now cautiously shift towards life after the crisis.

Song Title: Better As One.
Band: The Heavy.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics “Can we make it better? (Yeah). Can we make it different?”, this 2020 PayPal advert song is a track called ‘Better As One’.

This piece of music was recorded by English rock band The Heavy and is taken from their 2019 album ‘Sons’. The Somerset-based group are most famous for their 2009 hit single ‘How You Like Me Now?’.

We’re not currently sure if this new PayPal commercial will be broadcast during TV ad breaks here in the UK, but it’s been regularly appearing recently as a promoted video on the YouTube homepage.

Updated: 28 June 2020

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