Pandora Valentine’s Day 2021 Advert – Something About You

Featuring the slogan ‘Something About You’, Pandora’s new 2021 Valentine’s Day advert here shows men carrying out little acts of romance.

Although some of these acts shown in the commercial may be unconventional or rough around the edges, they all go down well thanks in large part to a gift from Pandora.

Song Title: I’m In Love.
Artist: Jean Luc Leonardon.
Album: The Vintage Soul Era.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

The music playing in this Valentine’s Day Pandora commercial is a song called ‘I’m In Love’ and was recorded by Jean Luc Leonardon, Eric Starczan, Vincent Perrot, Christophe Deschamps, and Jennifer Jordan.

I’m In Love includes the lyrics “Don’t you tell me that I’m crazy. Don’t you say that I’m losing my mind” and was released for download in 2015.

4 February 2021

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