Pandora – Do See The Wonderful

Pandora Advert – Video, music and singer details to the gold and silver jewellery brands new ‘Do See The Wonderful’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Pandora’s current TV ad sees a group of friends each receiving the gift of either a necklace, ring, or bracelet, which gives one the confidence to help pass her exam and helps another get over a tough break-up.

The last present of a Pandora bracelet is opened by a singer after performing a small gig.

Song Title: Greet Me.
Musician/Singer: Anya.
Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

The lady we see singing and playing piano in this commercial is the Danish artist Anya, who performs the adverts soundtrack.

This song is called ‘Greet Me’ and was released for download back in 2015, also featuring on Anya’s album ‘The Credit’.

Pandora’s extended version of their ‘DO See The Wonderful’ film (above) was posted to their official YouTube channel on the 31st of August, 2017.

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