Pandora Christmas Advert – The Joy of Creating, The Joy of Giving

Pandora Christmas Advert – Soundtrack info for the jewellery brands ‘The Joy of Creating – The Joy of Giving’ festive internet and TV commercial.

According to Pandora, the seasonal song we hear playing in this latest advert is called ‘What A Christmas Day’. The same track is now also being played in the festive ‘Show her that you know her’ 2019 Pandora TV commercial below.

Song Title: What A Christmas Day.
Composer/Musician: Jonas Krag.

It appears this track was written and recorded especially for the advert as the one other bit of information we have is the song is by Jonas Krag, who we believe is a Danish musician, songwriter, and composer. Krag has previously worked with many different brands on TV advertising campaigns around the world.

We so far haven’t been able to find this song available for download. However, Gabrielle Aplin’s ‘You and Me’ theme to the 2015 Pandora Christmas advert was made available for free from their website for a while last year, so there’s a small chance the company could do the same with ‘What A Christmas Day’.

As you’ll have noticed from watching the ad, some of the lyrics featured in the song are:

‘On a Christmas Day, snow is gently falling my way. That’s when I know for sure, that you are my Christmas star and I’ll be wherever you are. Tomorrow we will see, what will be hiding under the Christmas tree.’

The above full-length version of this ‘The Joy of Creating – The Joy of Giving’ commercial was added to the official Pandora YouTube channel on the 3rd of November, 2016.

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