Pandora Advert – ‘You Lift Me Up’ Unforgettable Moments

Pandora Advert – Singer, song and lyrics information for the jewellery retailers Unforgettable Moments ‘Wherever life takes you, take it with you’ TV ad.

Pandora first used this piece of music in one of their adverts late last year, at which time few details were given out. Since then, the track has been paired with a new 2015 video, which you can watch above.

Song Title: You and Me.
Artist/Singer: Gabrielle Aplin.
Download the full track for FREE from: PANDORA.

Originally thought to be titled ‘Moments’, we now know this song is called ‘You and Me’, and is written and performed by the English musician Gabrielle Aplin.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter recorded the track especially for Pandora’s campaign, after first being shown the video footage that would accompany her creation.

Lyrics from ‘You and Me’ featured in the commercial are: ‘We can climb the highest mountain, reaching up to catch our dreams. Together there is nothing we can’t be. Dive into the deepest oceans, dance upon the rolling seas. Make a moment, keep a memory. You lift me up where we are free. I’ll follow you wherever you may be.’

The latest version of the advert (above) was added to The Official Pandora YouTube page in October, 2015.

Below you can watch a video showing Gabrielle talking about working with Pandora and performing some of You and Me live in London:

Miss Aplin is of course no stranger to the world of TV ad songs, having previously covered Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ for the 2012 John Lewis Christmas campaign.

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