Pampers Advert – Sleep Is Everything

Pampers bring us another moving and emotional TV advert here featuring premature babies, with this new ad being titled ‘Sleep Is Everything’ and including the hashtag #PampersForPreemies.

The video tells viewers about Pampers program of donating special small nappies to hospitals in the UK for babies born prematurely.

Song Title: Lullaby.
Singer: Sleeping At Last.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The Pampers advert music playing in this new TV campaign is a suitably emotional song titled ‘Lullaby’ that was recorded by the US musician and singer-songwriter Ryan O’Neal.

The Illinois artist is the founding member, and now the only remaining member of the musical project Sleeping At Last. The track includes the lyrics “Goodnight, goodnight” and was released for download in 2017.

23 November 2019

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