Paddy Power – ‘Turnaround Steward’ You Beauty

Paddy Power Advert Song 2016 – Soundtrack and lyrics info for the bookmakers new ‘Turnaround Steward – You Beauty’ YouTube and TV ad.

Original Song Title: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Original Artist/Singer: Bonnie Tyler.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Paddy Power’s latest humorous ad campaign sees a disillusioned football Steward collaborate with the crowd on a reworded cover of Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 power ballad ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.

The comical new, footie-related lyrics sung and spoken in the advert are:

Turn around.
Every single game I feel a little bit left out, so I have to turn and face the stands.
Turn around.
Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the jeers of the crowd.
Turn around steward.
Still every single game I’m taking part.
Turn around steward.
Yet every single game I’m taking part, ’cause I placed a bet on you, that your team will lose this fixture.
And despite my awful view, I’ll be smiling on forever.
And there’s nothing that your keeper can do, ’cause it’s only clipped in off the bar.’

Genius. I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be able to look at a football match steward the same after watching this.

The above #YouBeauty video was posted to the official Paddy Power YouTube channel on the 19th of November, 2016 and is currently airing during TV ad breaks.

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