Paddy Power – Coach Driver and Big Fat Phil

Paddy Power Advert Song 2017 – Video, music and lyrics details for Paddy Power’s new ‘Coach Driver’ online and TV ad campaign. #YouBeauty

Original Song Title: What’s Up?

Original Singers/Band: 4 Non Blondes.

Download The Original Song From: Amazon and iTunes.

The latest tune to receive a Paddy Power reworking is the 1993 track ‘What’s Up?’ by the American rock band 4 Non Blondes.

The advert shows a reworded version of the song performed by a disillusioned coach driver, as he takes a load of excited football fans down south for an away day fixture.

Delivered with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, Paddy Power’s comical new lyrics to What’s Up? go like this:

“4am and I’m far from thrilled. Driving this coach load and big fat Phil down south. To their destination.

I have to stop many times so they can get fed (?). Then they’ll let it all out behind a hedge and I’m. I am felling, a little peculiar.

I’ll have a break when I get there and I’ll wait outside, and I’ll have a little bet if I get the drive. And I can’t see from where I’m parked, what’s going on.

But that’s OK-eh-eh-eh, hey-eh-eh. That’s OK. I’ve got money on.”

Apart from the coach driver himself, the other star of this ad is Big Fat Phil, who gets left behind after the groups roadside toilet break. As a result, the big man arrives at the stadium by taxi, after the match has already kicked off and is forced to run inside.

Sure to be a big hit amongst footie fans, this amusing ‘You Beauty’ advert was posted to the Paddy Power YouTube channel on the 3rd of February, 2017. You’re welcome.

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