Orangina Advert Song – Elevator C’est Shook

Orangina Ad August/September, 2015: Song and singer details for the new ‘C’est Shook’ elevator girl commercial.

What’s the name of the song used in the latest Orangina advert and who’s singing it?

Song Title: J’adore ce flic.

Singer/Band: The Rebels of Tijuana.

Download Via: Amazon or iTunes.

The track featured in this current Orangina ad is called ‘J’adore ce flic’ and it’s performed by the Geneva based pop-rock band, The Rebels of Tijuana.

Consisting of members Alex, Olive, Julien, Yann and Long John, The Rebels of Tijuana got together in June of 2008. Between them, they originate from Geneva in Switzerland and Lyon in France.

The advert shows a young boy rushing down the corridor of a hotel, before pushing past two men and their pet dog. After repeatedly pressing the button to open the lift doors, the group are pleasantly surprised to see an attractive hula-hooping, Orangina shaking French lady in front of them.

After seemingly making the young lads day, the doors close and the mysterious Orangina girl is gone, without anybody either getting on or off the lift.

The commercial ends with the actress/dancer stating the citrus drinks slogan: ‘Life is flat, unless you shake it.’ The advert comes from creative agency Grey London.

Though the main video, which was uploaded to Orangina UK’s YouTube channel on the 22nd of August, lasts for just 30 seconds, above you can watch the full length, 1 minute ad.

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