2021 On The Beach advert starring Iggy Pop – Watch the Full Ad

“Everything’s Better On the Beach and It’s Ready When You Are” is the message from rockstar Iggy Pop in this 2021 TV advert for holiday company OnTheBeach.co.uk.

Here you can watch the full-length 2-minute version of the commercial:

The 73-year-old American rock musician, singer-songwriter, and actor both narrates this On The Beach ad and makes an appearance on-screen at the end, not that he needed an excuse to get his shirt off.

We hear Iggy talking about all the things we’ve had to, and still are putting up with due to the pandemic and the resulting coronavirus restrictions, including being told to eat in, then eat out.

Iggy mentions how “We fought for toilet rolls, and sanitised our hands enough to last a lifetime. Our wedding got canceled. Our graduation was postponed” but rightly points out that for the people to whom those have been the biggest problems of the pandemic, “We’re just the lucky ones”.


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