Nivea Sun Advert – There’s Only One Sun – Song by The Futures

This new advert for Nivea Sun cream and spray shows a girl asking her father why he hasn’t put any sunscreen on, while out at a British park.

The man then answers by saying the sun at home is much weaker than the sun on holiday, to which his daughter correctly responds “There’s only one sun”. This ad forms part of a Nivea Sun and Cancer Research UK stay safe in the UK sun mission partnership.

Song Title: Sunshine and You.
Singers: The Futures.
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

This current Nivea Sun advert music we hear in the background is the very appropriately titled tune ‘Sunshine and You’. This R&B, soul song was recorded by Philadelphia vocal group The Futures and features on their 1978 album ‘Past, Present And The Futures’.

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