Nissan Juke Advert Music – Next Generation

Nissan has just released this new advert to promote the launch of its Next Generation 2019 to 2020 Juke that now comes with integrated Google Assistant technology.

The video shows a man asking his Google Home voice assistant device to send directions to his place of work to the Nissan SUV, ready for when he sets off. From there, things get a little less realistic as the actor and his sofa drop down a deep lift shaft into a huge garage, before driving out on to the street and on to work.

Song Title: Loyal.
Artists: Odesza.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This ‘Next Generation’ Nissan Juke advert features a song called ‘Loyal’ that was released as a single in 2018. This tune was recorded by the US electronic music artists Odesza. You can listen to the complete track on this official YouTube video:


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