Nissan Juke Advert Music – Next Generation

Nissan has released this 2019 to 2021 advert to promote its Next Generation of Juke that now comes with integrated Google Assistant technology.

The video shows a man asking his Google Home voice assistant device to send directions to his place of work to the Nissan SUV, ready for when he sets off. From there, things get a little less realistic as the actor and his sofa drop down a deep lift shaft into a huge garage, before driving out on to the street and on to work.

Song Title: Loyal.
Artists: Odesza.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This ‘Next Generation’ Nissan Juke advert features a song called ‘Loyal’ that was released as a single in 2018. This tune was recorded by the US electronic music artists Odesza. You can listen to the complete track on this official YouTube video:


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