NiQuitin Minis Advert Song – Miniature Band Song

NiQuitin Minis Ad Song – Music and band details for the Summer 2015 TV commercial.

What’s the song in the NiQuitin Minis advert and what’s the name of the band?

Song Title: I Just Want to Celebrate.

Singer/Band: Rare Earth.

Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The track featured in the NiQuitin ad is called ‘I Just Want to Celebrate’ and it’s performed by US band Rare Earth. Released in 1971, the single is taken from the album One World.

Originally known as The Sunliners, Rare Earth are a Detroit based American blues-rock band signed to the Motown record label of the same name. Other popular songs from the group include: ‘Get Ready’, ‘Hey Big Brother’, ‘(I Know) I’m Losing You’ and ‘Born To Wander’.

If this NiQuitin Minis TV ad looks familiar, it’s probably because the company have run similar celebrate-style format commercials in the past. This latest video (above) was uploaded to NiQuitin UK’s official YouTube channel on the 24th of August, 2015.

The advert features a man in a bar declining the opportunity to go outside for a cigarette, in favour of taking a NiQuitin Mini mint lozenge. With the help of some karaoke singing and a miniature band I’m assuming only he can see, the guy celebrates this little victory in his battle to quit smoking.

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