Nintendo Switch Trailer Song – First Look Commercial Including Release Date

Nintendo Switch Trailer Music – Band, song and release date details for the brand new first look preview trailer to Nintendo’s innovative and versatile Switch games console.

Song Title: Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah).

Singer/Band: White Denim.

Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Nintendo Switch Release Date: March, 2017.

Originally code-named NX, Nintendo has today launched its first official trailer for their new Switch gaming console, which is now officially due to be released in March of next year.

This preview trailer shows the many ways this clever device can be used either for playing games on the go as a portable device, or as a traditional console for use at home with a TV. Not only that, but sections of the console control pad can be detached, then connected to the mobile tablet-style screen, and even used wirelessly with the portable display.

One of the big advantages of this switchability is that users can get home and continue progress in a game from where they were out and about earlier, or vice versa. If all that wasn’t enough, the two separate sections of the gamepad can even be used by two different players to allow split-screen mobile action on games like Mario Kart.

The song featured in this extended trailer is called ‘Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)’, a tune from March, 2016 by the American rock band White Denim.

Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) is the second track on the playlist of White Denim’s seventh studio album ‘Stiff’.

The above 3 minutes and 36 seconds video was uploaded to Nintendo’s official global and UK YouTube channels on the 20th of October, 2016, well in advance of the console going on sale.

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